Get Back Up To $500,000 from Past Worker’s Compensation Companies!

Many New York, New Jersey and Connecticut employers are overpaying their workers compensation insurance premiums due to incorrectly used classifications, payroll audits, calculated experience ratings, misapplied discounts, and errors in experience rating modification factors, often without fault of the insurance carrier or the insurance broker. If there were errors, the businesses are then entitled to and will receive a refund, but only if the errors are identified and the recovery is applied for.

At BGES Group we go back 7 years looking for mistakes and if we find them, get you YOUR money back!

Best part, USUALLY WE DO ALL THE WORK (we try not to bother you for anything)!

We DO NOT charge any up front fees (we work on a contingency fee basis)!

We ONLY get paid if YOU get paid so we work very hard to get you a refund!

Here’s Some Examples of Refunds:

Large kitchen manufacture in NJ $500,000

Elevator company in NY $230,000

Structural steel in NY $150,000

Electrical contractor in NY $190,000

HVAC contractor in NJ $40,000

Plumbing contractor in NY $50,000

General contractor in NJ $300,000

Painter in NY $15,000


Through your persistence and hard work you secured a refund on our policies that totaled over $150,000! The Workers Compensation manual rules are extremely complex. It is through your expertise and extensive knowledge of the rules, that we were able to recoup monies that were rightfully ours. As promised, your highly professional staff did most of the work and we reaped the benefits. This is a service that every business should sign up for.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff on a job well done. You helped us get a significant refund of over $70,000 back from the State Insurance Fund. This refund would have fallen through the cracks if not for your involvement. The way your firm handled the matter, was in my opinion extremely professsional. You are obviously experts at what you do. I am very pleased with your company and would gladly recommend your services.


Thank you to you and your staff on a job well done! The process was simple, it did not require anything more than 3 documents signed on my behalf. The results were incredible! We received $34,355 in overpaid premiums, monies that would have never come back to us otherwise.


For help call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or email:

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