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Tri-State Workers' Comp Insurance specialists

Looking for a new policy with lower rates?  Losses causing difficulty finding new coverage?  Unhappy with your company’s audits?  Now without coverage?  Whatever your issue, we can HELP!  Call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 anytime. 

We Offer Special Programs for the Following Industries:

  • Auto Service
  • Construction – Especially New York
  • Limousine Services
  • Logistic Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Truckers – Local & Long Haul

Get Back Refunds from Your Past Workers' Comp Carriers!

With No Up Front Cost To You, Let Us Review Your Past 7 Year Worker’s Compensation Policies and if We Find Mistakes Get You Refunds!  Saved a Contractor $230,000.  A GC $300,000!  We Can Help any Business Owner!  We cover NY & NJ. 

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we are a new york construction insurance expert!

Unhappy with your coverage, rates, agency’s service?  BGES Group represents “THE BEST” programs, are specialists and can get things done when you have a problem. Work with someone who has 42 years experience and answers their phone when you call!  Contact Gary at 914-806-5853 anytime!

unhappy with your agency's service? here's why you should use bges group for your insurance needs.

Focus on Contractor Safety to Reduce Injuries for All

Whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor, or general industry employer hiring a contractor to do work, you will almost certainly have some responsibility for identifying hazards and communicating to employees the safe practices, tools, and equipment needed to perform the job safely. The employer and the contractor share an obligation to communicate planned work activities,

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Is Your Workers’ Compensation Plan a Pork Barrel for Would-be Scammers?

Tri-State Business Owners – Looking for a New Workers’ Compensation Policy?  We Offer Great Options for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Employers!  Looking for Lower Rates?  Being Canceled Due To Losses?  In The Middle of an Audit Dispute?   Whatever Your Issue, We Can Help.  Call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or Email bgesgroup@gmail.com Today! Article:

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How New York Contractors Can Combat Exorbitant Insurance Costs

In the bustling world of New York construction, contractors face not only the challenges of the job site but also the financial burden of soaring insurance costs. From skyrocketing general liability rates to dwindling coverage options, contractors are feeling the squeeze on their bottom line. However, there are proactive steps contractors can take to mitigate these challenges

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Group Health Insurance - Work With One of The Best Health Insurance Experts Ever!

Unhappy with your rates, coverage, service?  Interested in your options?  Deal with one of tri-states leading experts who is amazingly helpful, you”ll like and gets the job done. 

Health insurance is a huge cost.  Our specialist knows the ins and outs of health insurance.

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