Why Workers’ Comp Claims Spike in the Summer

Workplace injury rates rise during the summer months. When summer rolls around, companies in many sectors, including agriculture and construction, significantly increase production. Increased road construction raises risks for workers and drivers. Many of the newly hired workers are young and inexperienced, creating a high potential for workplace injuries. Toiling in the sun is also

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Long-Term Care and Its Impact on Families

You probably haven’t thought about it much, but what would you do if you suddenly suffered from a serious health condition, such as a disability? Would a family member be able to take you in and care for you? What would the impact be on their immediate family in regards to finances and emotion? What

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The Risks for Businesses As We Emerge from Pandemic

As the economy starts waking up from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic and more companies rehire workers or bring them back to the workplace, businesses will be faced with a number of risks that they may not have had to contend with in the past. That’s the conclusion of a new report, “New Emerging

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Contractors – Having the Following Issues with Your Payroll Processing &/or Worker’s Compensation Companies?

Contractors – Having the Following Issues with Your Payroll Processing &/or Worker’s Compensation Companies?   If So We Have Great Fixes! –  11 Issues Contractors Have with Their Payroll Processing High rates and hidden fees Too Many Deadlines to Keep Track Of                                                                         Employee Misclassification Problems                                                                       Generating W-2s with Errors

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Many Small Firms Can’t Identify Workers’ Comp Claims Fraud

Fraud adds to workers’ compensation costs for all businesses, but it hits small businesses the hardest as they may not have the resources to identify bogus claims. According to a new study by workers’ comp insurer Employers Holdings Inc., about 20% of small business owners are not sufficiently prepared to identify workers’ comp fraud. It’s

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Contractors – How To Make Sure You’re Getting The Best Liability Rates and Coverage Available?

Good day!  My name is Gary Wallach and my firm is one of tri-state’s leading “Construction Insurance Specialists” who represent 60+ construction insurance companies and have arrangements with a few carriers/programs which can give YOU that extra competitive edge! We have special programs for contractor general liability, umbrella liability, business auto, workers compensation and bid

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