The Importance of Training Employees from the Start

The Importance of Training Employees from the Start OSHA requires employers to train all employees, including new hires and those given new job assignments for whom training has not previously been received. All employees should receive new training whenever new substances, processes, procedures or equipment are introduced to the workplace and represent a new hazard

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Paying your Mortgage when your Income Discontinues

Paying your Mortgage when your Income Discontinues For many Americans, their home represents both security and peace of mind. It is typically both their greatest financial investment and their greatest asset (besides their retirement plan). An unpaid mortgage may be one of the most overwhelming financial threats a family can face. Whether this comes from

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High Heat Increases Risk of Injuries for Inside and Outdoor Workers

High Heat Increases Risk of Injuries for Inside and Outdoor Workers. As many parts of the country are wrestling with ever-increasing temperatures during the summer months, a new study has found that the hotter the weather gets, the higher the risk of workplace accidents and injuries for both indoor and outside workers. The study by

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Eight Tips for Improving Electrical Safety

Looking for a New Way To Learn About Up Coming Construction Jobs and Industry News?  Click here. Article: The construction industry has the highest percentage of electrical fatalities out of all industries. While electricity is a crucial component in a construction project’s success, it poses a risk of harmful shock, horrific burns or fatal electrocution.

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Building Risks Evolve, Creating Unique Challenges for Construction Firms

As the construction industry booms, contractors face evolving risks that, left unchecked, can leave their operation exposed to new liabilities. If you already operate a construction firm, you know that there is a labor shortage that has made it difficult to find experienced workers, and that hiring entities are asking builders to take on more

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Do You Have Enough Insurance to Keep Up with Rising Home Repair Costs?

The cost of buying and installing home building supplies is going through the roof, and it may leave you without enough insurance to rebuild should disaster strike. Lumber and other construction material prices have skyrocketed, and so has the cost of labor as the building industry struggles with a manpower shortfall. These issues are adding

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