Worker’s Compensation Claims Causing Your Rates Too Skyrocket?

In the past few years have you’ve been hit by phony workers compensation claims, by a few rotten apple employees, for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Have these claims caused your insurance company to drop coverage or drastically increase rates? Do you have a debit “Experience Modification Factor (EMR)” of 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 or higher

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Business Compromise Scams Continue Climbing

While companies scramble to protect themselves against cyber criminals and malicious attacks on their servers, there is a growing amount of business compromise crime that uses both technology and a human touch to extract funds from businesses. Businesses have lost millions of dollars to social engineering scams, where attackers impersonate a company president or executive

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Eight Insurance-cost Saving Tips for New Year

As March, 2021 gets underway, now is a good time to review your home safety and insurance plans for the rest of the year. Make sure this year that you make your home safety a priority, and also ensure that you get the most bang for the buck with your insurance coverage. You can follow

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OSHA, Workers’ Comp Implications for Telecommuting

As more Americans work from home than ever before, many employers are wondering about their obligations under OSHA as well as how to reduce the chances that workers may be injured while telecommuting. Obviously, the chances of an injury when working from home are small. The most common issue that is likely to arise is

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