Offering New, Low Rate, Contractor Workers Compensation Policy

Sample of Our Rates – Compare Them Too What You Now Pay – We Can Get Coverage for Most Contractors Code # Description * Base Rate 5403 Carpentry $17.46 5645 Carpentry-Residential $11.15 5445 Wallboard $11.53 5190 Electrical $6.27 5022 Masonry $24.42 5183 Plumbing $8.60 6217 Excavation $8.57 5221 Concrete $14.32 5348 Tiling $10.97 5474 Painting

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Why Every Business Needs Non–Owned Auto Coverage

Even businesses that own fleets of autos sometimes use vehicles that do not belong to them. Often, a business asks an employee to run an errand or visit a customer or vendor using that employee’s car. The organization may become legally liable for anything an employee acting on its behalf does while behind the wheel.

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COVID-19 Relief Bill Extends Unemployment Benefits, PPP and More

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill, passed by Congress and signed into law on Dec. 27, includes a number of provisions that affect employers and their workers in terms of paid sick leave and Emergency Family and Medical Leave Act provisions. The legislation also boosts unemployment benefits to out-of-work Americans, as well as reopening and

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Contractors Insurance – How Too Better Your Situation In 2021

Questions To Ask…Things To Know: Is your liability policy preventing you from getting jobs? Lots of contractors are unaware of how bad their liability policy’s are.  There are brokers selling these policies and in our opinion they are doing an incredible disservice to the construction industry.  How many of you work with general contractors, owners? 

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Getting a Handle on Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

While most companies focus on driver training to help reduce the chances of accidents pushing up their insurance premiums, many executives have been frustrated to see their rates climb. The top two factors affecting your commercial auto premiums are your history of claims and the driving records of your individual drivers. To get a handle

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