What is Your Plan to Cover Your Bills if You Become Disabled?

A study by the International Communications Research found  that more than 55% of working adults would not be able to cover their living expenses if they became disabled and could not work for more than a year. The study was prepared for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). But, about 45% of the survey

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What to Do When Your Term Life Insurance Is About to Expire

The biggest advantage of term life insurance is that it’s affordable. It provides the greatest possible protection for the lowest monthly premium — for a while. Most people buy term life insurance to protect their families for 20 years or so, or until the children are grown. Term life is often the most cost-efficient solution

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Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance

You hear a lot on TV and the radio debating the merits of term insurance versus the merits of permanent life insurance policies, including whole life and universal life insurance. Anyone who advocates 100% for or against any kind of life insurance structure is missing the point: The best kind of insurance to own is

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As Ransomware Attacks Mount, the Feds Offer Sound Advice

With the recent news of Colonial Pipeline paying nearly $5 million to hackers after the criminals had made the largest fuel pipeline network in the nation inoperable, many businesses are concerned that their operations could be next. While most firms aren’t operating sprawling fuel pipelines that millions of drivers rely on, ransomware criminals are happy

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Your Homeowner’s Policy May Not Cover Jewelry, Other Valuables

Homeowner’s insurance policies include personal property at a fixed amount based on the replacement cost of your home. However, coverage amounts may be limited for certain types of personal property and if any of those items are stolen or damaged, your policy may not cover the loss fully. Examples of items that have coverage limitations

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