As Workplace Violence Increases, a New Policy Covers Associated Costs

As violence and mass shootings in American workplaces increasingly make the news, more and more businesses are taking added precautions to prevent acts of violence at their facilities, but they also face substantial costs if violence does erupt. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports nearly 2 million people suffer from workplace violence every year,

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Fudging Workers’ Comp Payroll Records Can Cause Major Problems, Even Jail Time

The owners of a California flooring installation company allegedly underreported their payroll amounts to workers’ compensation insurers to the tune of $30 million, costing the insurance company almost $4 million in premiums. The men are each facing three felony charges. These are the potential consequences for those who deliberately falsify their payroll records and reports

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Seven Steps to Estate Planning Peace of Mind

Most of us don’t want to think about or discuss what will happen after we die. Because estate planning forces us to do just that, we tend to avoid it. However, if you want to protect your family and your assets, creating an estate plan is a necessary task. And if you take the right

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Why Liquor Liability Insurance Can Save You from Financial Doom

If you’re running a restaurant and have alcohol on the menu, you will need to have secured a liquor license, but there are many things to consider, including insurance. Every business that sells alcohol needs to have liquor liability insurance to ensure the owners can relax and focus on running the business, and to be

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Identify, Eliminate Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

While big-ticket and dramatic workers’ comp claims make headlines, the reality is that the more run-of-the-mill injuries are the ones that end up costing employers the most. That is especially true for slips, trips and falls and related injuries, which can often turn out to be the most expensive workers’ compensation claim an employer experiences.

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As Employees Come Back to Workplace, Experts Fear Lawsuit Tsunami

As more Americans are returning to the workplace, employers are now faced with the difficult issue of transitioning reluctant staff back as well as complaints and legal action from the most reluctant of workers. Already some returning workers have started to sue their employers, often accusing them of not adequately protecting their workers against COVID-19

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