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Labor Laws 240 and 241: A Comprehensive Guide and their Impact on New York Contractors’ Liability Insurance

Tri-State Contractors – Looking for a New General Liability, Umbrella Liability or Workers’ Compensation Policy?  We Offer Great Options for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Contractors!  Being Canceled Due To Losses?  Not Happy with Your Coverages or Rates?  Unhappy with Your Broker’s Service?  Company No Longer Providing Coverage in Your State? In The Middle

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Workers’ Comp Premium Fraud: Don’t Do It

Workers’ compensation premium fraud is costing honest employers millions of dollars every year – and endangering workers who are frequently exposed without workers comp protection. Most people are familiar with fraudulent claims of injury on behalf of workers who fabricate or exaggerate their injuries to collect claims they aren’t entitled to. That’s small potatoes next

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New York construction insurance

Contractors Insurance – How Too Better Your Situation In 2024

Questions to ask. Things to know. 1. Is your liability policy preventing you from getting jobs?  Lots of contractors are unaware how bad their liability policies are. Brokers are selling these policies and in our opinion, they are doing an incredible disservice to the construction industry. How many of you work with general contractors, and

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The Difference Between a Binder and a Certificate of Insurance

When you have business insurance policies you will often hear talk of your insurance binder and your certificate of insurance, but do you know the difference? A binder is a contract of insurance. It’s called a binder because it “binds” your coverage creates an insurance contract and is used temporarily until the policy is issued.

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