Essential Insurance Coverages for New York Contractors

Navigating the landscape of insurance can be a complex and daunting task, especially for contractors in New York, where stringent regulations and unique risks are part of the daily work environment. Ensuring you have the right coverage is not just a legal necessity but also a critical component of your business’s long-term success and stability.

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How Business Owners Can Get Back Overpayments Up To Several Hundred Thousand from Their Past Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies

In the competitive landscape of New York’s construction industry, managing costs is a critical component of sustaining profitability and growth. Among the myriad expenses contractors face, workers’ compensation insurance premiums often represent a significant financial burden. However, many contractors might be unaware that they could be overpaying these premiums, sometimes to the tune of tens

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The Hidden Construction Industry Threat

As construction firms rely more on technology to manage projects, a new risk is emerging for the industry: the cyber intrusion threat. Much new construction machinery is computerized, and most design, engineering, and construction firms are using some form of cloud computing. They are also increasingly using electronic platforms to manage projects, which are ripe

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