Insurers Expected COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Surge; It Never Came

COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims have not been as widespread as insurers and ratings agencies around the country had predicted when the pandemic first started in early 2020. Also, a large chunk of COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims filed by workers nationwide have been rejected, with insurers often citing lack of proof that the illness was contracted

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Seven Ways to Reduce Your Homeowner’s Premiums

Everybody wants to save money on their insurance premiums. If you own a home, you actually have a number of options for getting discounts on your homeowner’s coverage. There are some obvious ways, like installing fire-resistant siding and smoke detectors in the home. You can also get discounts if you purchase your car insurance from

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Unhappy With Your Insurance Agency/Broker? Feel It’s Time For a Switch or at Least Speak To Someone Else and Explore Your Options?

In the 39 years we’ve been in business we come across a lot of different insurance agencies and brokers. Most are caring, well intentioned however quite a few are incompetent, order takers who write policies then forget you. We want you to know our office offers “Boutique Service” where you deal with one person, the owner, who has

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Malingering, the Gray Area in Workers’ Comp Fraud

Nearly 25% of all lost-time workers’ compensation claims are exaggerated, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. While only a small percentage of workers’ comp claims are fraudulent, quite a few include employees staying away from work even after they’ve been cleared to return by their doctor and when they feel able to work. The

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Losing Everything Due to Inadequate Auto Liability Coverage

All states set minimum coverage levels for drivers, but if you are involved in a serious accident, minimal coverage may not get you off the hook for the full extent of damages. Your state’s goal is to make the required insurance affordable, but in many cases the established minimum coverage is not adequate to cover

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Are Injuries on Commute or in Parking Lot Covered?

Are Injuries on Commute or in Parking Lot Covered? When employees are injured on the job, they are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, but not if the accident occurs on their commute to or from work — in most cases, at least. But how about if an employee is injured in your parking lot, or

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