Renter’s Insurance, for Affordable Peace of Mind

More than two-thirds of renters are uninsured for fire, natural disaster and burglary. Why do so many people take this unnecessary risk? Some may think that their landlord’s insurance will cover any claims, or that only houses are broken into – and not apartments. But the fact is that more apartments are broken into than

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Pandemic Brings Voluntary Benefits to Fore

One major repercussion of the COVID-19 pandemic is that employees are embracing the voluntary benefits their employers are offering them, but they’d like to see more choices and issues such as mental health and voluntary benefits have risen to the fore. The Hartford’s “2021 Future of Benefits Study” found that before the pandemic, benefits were

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In-House Inspections Crucial to a Safe Workplace

When was the last time you or the person responsible for safety walked around your facility, warehouse, office or workplace and did an inspection? Your Injury and Illness Prevention Program states that the owner, supervisor or person with authority and responsibility shall conduct periodic workplace safety inspections. To maintain a safe and healthful workplace, OSHA

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Preparing for a Workers’ Compensation Audit

Just the mention of a workers’ compensation audit can stir up the butterflies in your stomach and add a serious dose of stress to your existence. But, if you are scheduled for an audit, there is no need to dread it. A small amount of preparation and common sense can save you a lot of

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How to Keep Your Safety Meetings Engaging and Fun

The Devil’s in the Details of an OCIP

With increasing regularity, construction project owners are creating Owner Controlled Insurance Programs to cover many of their loss exposures during projects. These programs, also known as “wrap ups,” are insurance policies that cover all construction and contractors working on the site. They allow owners to control the insurance program instead of relying on the contractors

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Builder’s Risk and Umbrella Insurance Pricing Climbing Fast

Insurance rates are rising rapidly for contractors, particularly for builder’s risk and excess liability policies as the cost of claims continues to increase dramatically. While rates for builders’ risk have been averaging 10 to 20%, pricing for excess liability and umbrella coverage have in some cases doubled from the year prior. Both lines of insurance

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