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Contractors insurance (NY)

Unhappy with your general liability/umbrella pricing, coverage, policy not being accepted by customers, have an “Action Over Exclusion”, “Height Limitation,” Not able to work in NYC?   We have 50 insurance companies to get you better pricing and coverage from.

We represent THE BEST liability programs for New York contractors!  Call Gary for help 914-806-5853. 

Contractor Insurance (NJ, CT)

We have a program whose pricing can be up to 50% lower and includes property, tools, equipment, general liability, faulty workmanship, umbrella (up to $5 million), auto, worker’s comp & bonds.  Takes 5 minutes to get a quote. 

Call Gary for help 914-806-5853. 

Worker's Comp (NY,NJ,CT)

If you are a contractor, limousine service, auto service, local-trucker, real estate company, manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor we have 10+ companies to market your account to.  Pricing can be up to 40% less.  We are workers comp specialists and can help you solve any issue.

Call Gary for help 914-806-5853. 


Group Health Insurance

Unhappy with your rates, coverage, service?  Interested in NEW options?  Deal with one of NY,NJ,CT leading experts who is amazingly helpful, you”ll like and gets the job done.  Health insurance is a huge cost.  Our specialist knows the ins and outs of health insurance, he’s a “Diamond in the Rough.”

Call Gary for help 914-806-5853. 

Call us to see how much you can save!

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