Are You a New York Contractor Looking to Lower Your Worker’s Compensation Rates? Call 914-806-5853 and Get a Quote Today!

Let’s start by saying whatever your issues are, we can help solve them!  We are one of tri-state’s “Workers Compensation Specialists” and can get the job done when others can’t!

About What We Can Offer You:

Our rates can be up to 30% lower than most other companies!

When you call you’ll get someone on the phone in less than 3 seconds?

We can cover YOU while operating in multiple states like New Jersey and Connecticut!  Please note most state and assigned risk plans pay only according to their state’s statutory workers compensation benefit laws.  This can leave you exposed to a large, uncovered, financial exposure.

Would you like to get away from invasive, annual audits?  Where the auditor can be in and out in 15 minutes?   If an audit is not required by state law, we have companies that won’t ask to do one every year.

Would you like to not have to worry about owing money at the end of your policy year?

Would you like payments lower when business is slow?

Would you like to get away from renewal deposits of up to 25%?

Workers Compensation Premium Recovery:

Get up to $500,000 back from past Worker’s Compensation companies (we can go back 7 years)!  We work on a contingency fee basis. There are NO upfront costs!  This is truly a Win situation for YOU!  We do all the work!  Call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 Today!

Would you like to get away from paying up to 10% service fees or $500, $1,000, $2,500+ policy fees? 

Want to be able to issue your own certificates on-line?  Takes less than 30 seconds with our system to do so!

Looking for a payroll/workers compensation program?  We have one that’s been around for 20+ years and offers low rates, background checks, tax filings, direct deposit and first class services.

Would you like to be able to issue certificates of insurance on-line anytime of the day?

Would you like to be able to speak to knowledgeable, experienced people who can resolve problems for you?  With our organization you get to deal with a true expert!

Here is what customers have to say about us:

In the middle of the busy season we received a letter from our old carrier that they no longer service NY, only NJ. We had only 60 days to find a new company. We got in touch with Gary who is very knowledgeable, friendly and experienced, assured us that he will take care of our insurance and he did.  It has been now more than 5 years without an issue.  Glad we found them and looking forward continuing working with Gary and the group.

We have used BGES Group for our insurances for over 20 years and had an amazing relationship with Gary Wallach. Gary is always looking for the lowest cost insurance, the highest quality, and his speed at providing certificates cannot be matched by anyone.

I’ve known Garry Wallach for many years and he’s always been very Professional each time we’ve worked together. He’s always willing to take that extra step to help me resolve any of the insurance issue’s that …More

Gary from BGES Group is by far the most responsive insurance broker i have ever met. He does an outstanding job with advising our small plumbing company on all the ins and outs of big insurance companies and he personally handles getting …More 

I’ve worked with Gary for a few years now for workers comp and I would recommend him to anyone needing a new agent. He is very easy to speak to, responsive and always provided great advice and customer service.

I have been working with Gary for over 10 years and find him to be one of the most professional, responsive, knowledgeable and hard working people in the business. You are making a mistake if you do not give BGES a shot at your business. You will not be disappointed!

Gary and his team are phenomenal, they care about every single client as if they would be the only client!

Gary Wallach is the best insurance broker out there. He has been in the business his entire life. I trust Gary completely. He is reliable knowledgeable courteous and responsive to any questions I have. I get my certificates of insurance within minutes after requesting them. Go with Gary and you will see how your business improves.

Gary was a tremendous help in provide information and explaining the details of the worker’s compensation and insurance options for my construction business. Gary is very knowledgeable, I highly recommend BGES Group Insurance. Give Gary a call, I’m confident he will take good care of you insurance needs.

BGES Group are Worker’s Compensation Specialists for the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – Issues we address: 1) Lowering pricing – we have specialty programs that can save you up to 40%; 2) Finding a new company; 3) Replacing policies that are being cancelled or non renewed; 4) Audit disputes; 5) Company creating fictitious payroll at audit time; 6) Lowering high experience modifications factors; 7) Misclassification of payrolls; 8) Lowering or eliminating renewal deposits;  9) Getting coverage when you’ve been without for a few months; 10) Covering multiple states under one policy; 11) Eliminating 10% service or policy fees; 12) Timely issuance of certificates; 13) Always being able to get someone on the phone or by email when you need to.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

Company: BGES Group, 216A Larchmont Acres West, Larchmont, NY 10538



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