Looking for a NEW Worker’s Compensation Policy with Low Rates, Excellent Coverage and Great Service?

We are Workers Compensation Specialists (brokers) who represent 20+ companies and offer Stand-a-Lone Policies, Payroll/WC plans, Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) and State and Assigned Risk Plans.

We eliminate all the hassle associated with finding better rates, coverage, service and are encyclopedias of knowledge whenever there is a problem.

Have The Following Issues…Let Us Help You Solve Them:

* Coverage lapse
* In the middle of an audit dispute and being told pay or be cancelled
* Poor loss experience causing rates to skyrocket
* High Experience Mod causing loss of business
* Company misclassifying payrolls
* Have to wait hours or days for certificates of insurance
* Work in multiple states but your state or assigned risk plan does not cover you
* Pay a fixed monthly installment but would like to pay a lower monthly premium when payrolls are lower
* Your broker charges up to a 10% service fee or up to a $2,500 policy fee but does nothing
* When you call you can’t get someone on the phone
* You would like to not have to pay a renewal deposit every year
* Use a payroll service that provides your Worker’s Compensation but their fees are high
* Whatever your problem we can help

Workers Compensation Premium Recovery:
Get up to $500,000 back from your past Worker’s Compensation companies!  It costs NOTHING upfront!  We work on a contingency fee basis and get p aid ONLY if you get money back!  The odds are in your favor!  This is 100% legal!  There are NO gimmicks!

At no up front cost to you where we do all the work, let us review your past Worker’s Compensation policies and if we find mistakes get you refunds!

Examples of Refunds:
NJ Kitchen Manufacturer $500,000
NY Elevator Contractor $230,000
NY Structural Steel Contractor $150,000
NY Electrical Contractor $190,000
NJ HVAC Contractor $40,000
NJ General Contractor $300,000
NY Painting Contractor $15,000

For help call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or email: bgesgroup@gmail.com


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