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Are You a Tri-State Contractor Looking to Get Away From Invasive Workers Comp Annual Audits?

For contractors (actually we can help any business owner) burdened with the hassle of annual audits and demanding paperwork, you have other options which you can access through BGES Group. BGES Group who are one of New York’s construction insurance specialists offer excellent payroll/workers’ compensation programs designed to minimize or eliminate the need for dreaded audits. These programs focus on  easy-to-use approach, affordable rates, and proactive customer support. Say goodbye to overwhelming paperwork and invasive audits – BGES Group can offer you another option.

Streamlining Payroll and Workers’ Compensation

BGES Group stands out as a game-changer for contractors looking to simplify their operations. With their payroll/workers’ compensation programs, contractors can offload the complexities of processing paychecks, calculating taxes, and managing employee benefits. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures compliance with ever-changing tax regulations.

The workers’ compensation programs offered by BGES Group are equally remarkable. Instead of being bogged down by meticulous audits, contractors can benefit from a streamlined process that mitigates or eradicates the need for such evaluations. No more sifting through countless documents, including canceled checks, as BGES Group offered programs ease administrative burdens for businesses.

Recovery from Losses and Affordable Coverage

A series of unfortunate events can hamper a contractor’s ability to renew insurance coverage, leading to exorbitant rates and financial distress. BGES Group comes to the rescue with programs that offer coverage at affordable rates, even for those who have experienced losses in the past. This approach enables businesses to stay protected without being burdened by prohibitively high insurance costs.

Prompt and Supportive Customer Service

BGES Group prides itself on providing top-notch customer service. Their team is available day and night, Monday through Sunday, offering continuous support to contractors whenever they need it. Need to inquire about a certificate? Want assistance with documentation? BGES Group is just a phone call away, making the entire experience smooth and stress-free.

Simple and Efficient Process

The hallmark of BGES Group is its user-friendly approach. Contractors no longer need to undergo invasive, proctologist-like audits with the implementation of their workers’ compensation programs. The paperwork is streamlined, the processes are efficient, and the stress is minimized. Contractors can focus on their core business activities, confident in the knowledge that BGES Group has their back.

How to Transition to a BGES Group Program

Switching to BGES Group is a breeze. Contractors can begin the process by reaching out to Gary Wallach by calling 914-806-5853.  He will help you sign up for one of BGES offered programs, ensuring a seamless transition. This simple and straightforward approach saves time and energy while providing immediate relief from the burdensome audit process.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Numerous contractors have already experienced the transformative benefits of partnering with BGES Group. Let’s hear what some of their satisfied clients have to say:

– John D., a construction company owner, shares, “BGES Group has been a lifesaver! The workers’ compensation program they offered eliminated the annual audits, which were such a headache. Their team is always there when I need them, making my life so much easier.”

– Sarah R., a small business owner, states, “I was struggling to find affordable workers’ compensation coverage due to a few past losses. BGES Group came through with their cost-effective programs, providing me with peace of mind without breaking the bank.”

BGES Group is a beacon of hope for contractors tired of dealing with annual audits, invasive paperwork, and soaring insurance costs. Their comprehensive payroll/workers compensation programs ensure that contractors can focus on growing their businesses without being burdened by administrative complexities.

With BGES Group, contractors gain access to affordable rates, efficient processes, and outstanding customer support – available seven days a week. Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with unnecessary audits and embrace the simplicity and ease that BGES Group brings to the table. Streamline your operations, protect your business, and experience unparalleled support with BGES Group. Make the switch today and embrace a brighter, stress-free future for your contracting business.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

BGES Group, located in Larchmont, N.Y. are New York Construction Insurance Specialists that represent 50+ companies and all the BEST general & umbrella liability programs!  We offer every coverage you need including property, builders risk, inland marine, general liability, umbrella liability, auto, bid & performance bonds, workers’ compensation, N.Y.S. disability and group health.  We are extremely responsive, responsible, trustworthy, fast, minimize your insurance headaches, we don’t charge ridiculous policy or service fees and when you call, text or email, whatever time of day, even weekends, we are ARE THERE to help YOU!

BGES Group are Workers’ Compensation Insurance Specialists for Tri-State Business Owners: Unhappy with your rates, company, being cancelled, losses causing difficulty getting coverage, in the middle of an audit dispute, payrolls misclassified, whatever your issue, we can help!  We have special programs for: Auto Service, Contractors (especially New York), Limousine Services, Logistic Companies, Manufacturers, Recyclers, Truckers, we can help ANY tri-state business owner.  We are considered “Preferred Agents” for this one program that if we can get you in, their pricing is excellent, offers long-term coverage stability and can cover multi-state operations. Program takes the hassle out of doing annual audits too.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

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