Sub Contractor insurance coverage

Learn About One of The Greatest Business Opportunities for Contractors! When Business Is Slow This Can Be a Life Saver!

Sub Contractor insurance coverage

Contractors are ideal for this business!  Hundreds have signed already! 

Every single business and individual is a potential customer of yours!

This can be a great door opener for new customers!

The market is $1.7 trillion!

Everyone, every second of the day uses these services!  They have no choice!

Some businesses pay tens of thousands a month for their services!  They MUST have them for as long as they’re in business!  Someone else is making money off of them.  Let’s now make it YOU!

You can get paid up to 10% of their monthly bill, every month, can be for decades!   You are NOT involved in any billing or collections.  The only thing you can get is a monthly check!

This business can generate a monthly residual income of $5,000, $10,000, there’s no limit to how much you can make!

Takes less than 5 minutes to sign up customers then you can get paid for decades!

This business can generate a monthly, residual income to pay overhead while in between jobs!

Customer can sign up on line or you can sign them up off your smart phone or computer!  Again takes less 5 minutes to sign up!There’s no payroll, rent, you do not have to chase money, business is aggravation FREE, it’s actually FUN!  

To learn more contact Gary by calling or texting 914-806-5853!  You can also email

Company: BGES Group, 216A Larchmont Acres West, Larchmont, NY 10538


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