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Worker’s Compensation – If You are a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut Contractor You’ll Want To Read This!

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Employers must buy insurance to cover workers’ compensation claims. This type of insurance provides funding for injured employees, and employers also receive protection from lawsuits stemming from a worker’s injuries. State laws govern workers’ compensation, and every state has a slightly different set of rules and payment rates. To learn about a specific state’s workers’ compensation laws, it is best to contact an agent for more details. The United States Department of Labor also provides information on its official site.

What Is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

Only work-related illnesses and injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. However, this does not mean the injury has to happen in the workplace. If an employee is injured while out driving a company car off the premises of the workplace, the injuries will be covered. Both sudden and gradual injuries are covered if they are work related. An example of a sudden injury is an employee falling off of a ladder, and a gradual injury might be a foot condition that develops from walking or standing on a concrete floor every day for several years.

What Workers’ Compensation Does Not Cover

Some problems that happen in the workplace are not covered. Some of the following situations are examples:

– Self-inflicted injuries
– Injuries from drug or alcohol use
– Injuries resulting from horseplay
– Injuries following termination or a layoff
– Injuries sustained from fighting
– Felony-related injuries
– Independent contractor injuries
– Injuries sustained while off duty but on workplace premises

If You’re a New York, New Jersey or Connecticut Contractor Watch for These Five (5) Problems

1. Do you have employees working out of state weeks at a time?  Are you insured through a state plan?  If so, there’s a good chance you WILL NOT have coverage for a claim that occurs out of state that is filed in that state.

Example: You are a New York contractor who takes a job in New Jersey.  Job will last 5 weeks.  You have coverage through state plan.  Employee sustains a back injury.  He hires an attorney and files claim under New Jersey workers compensation laws.  Most likely, your plan will decline claim.  Can you afford paying $50,000, $100,000 out of pocket?  Do you want to deal with his attorney for years and the financial drain it will cause?

Note: Many New York contractors who work out of state are faced with this problem and do not even realize it.

Solution: We have a Worker’s Compensation program that will cover you while working in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and most other states.  It provides “THE RIGHT” protection.

2. You are a general contractor that does carpentry (19%), masonry (25%), painting (13%), drywall (11%) and tiling (8%).  You do not keep detailed records as to work employees perform daily.  When your workers comp insurance company does their audit they take all payrolls and assign to highest rated class code, masonry (25%).  You end up paying thousands more than you have to.

Solution: We have a Worker’s Compensation program that will allow you to separate payrolls by class codes so you do not overpay.

3. At audit is your company charging you for vendors claiming they are uninsured subs?  Are you also being charged for uninsured subs that have coverage?  Are charges being made for audited policy period and renewal policy term making it impossible to pay?

Solution: We have a Worker’s Compensation program whose auditors are flexible, agreeable, accommodating.  We also will help you collect certificates of insurance from subs so at audit time you do not have these problems.

4. Do you receive audit bills for tens of thousands of dollars?  When business is slow are you still paying the same monthly premium payment?  Do you have to come up with a 10% – 25% renewal deposit every year?

Solution: We have a Worker’s Compensation program that eliminates all of the above issues.

5. At audit time if your receipts are high compared to your payroll does your insurance company create fictitious payroll?   Do you end up getting audit bills that are impossible to pay so policy cancels for non pay?

Solution: We have a Worker’s Compensation program whose auditors are reasonable, flexible, you can talk to, who you can reach by phone and email.  You will always be able to reach someone and get help.

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About BGES:


BGES Group’s office is a full service agency offering funding, property, liability, umbrella liability, auto, bid & performance bonds, inland marine, worker’s compensation, New York State Disability and health insurance coverages too.

BGES Group are worker’s compensation specialists (NY, NJ, CT) insuring contractors, limousine services, auto services, local truckers, manufacturers and staffing agencies (Note: we can insure any business).  Workers Compensation issues we address:  1) Lowering rates – our specialty programs have been able to save businesses up to 40%; 2) Being non renewed?  3) Audit disputes; 4) Lowering high experience modifications factors; 5) Misclassification of payrolls; 6) Lowering or eliminating renewal deposits; 7) Getting coverage when you’ve been without for a few months; 8) Covering multiple states under one policy; 9) Eliminating 10% service or policy fees; 10) Timely issuance of certificates; 11) Always being able to get someone on the phone or by email when you need to.

Special Contractor Insurance Programs (NY, NJ, CT) – We we have 50 insurance companies to market your general liability, umbrella liability, business auto, workers compensation, bid & performance bonds and group health coverages to.

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