We are Looking for People Who Want To Be Founders (Part Owners) In Our Up and Coming Multi Billion Dollar I.T. Company.

We are Looking for People Who Want To Be Founders (Part Owners) In Our Up and Coming Multi Billion Dollar I.T. Company.  You Just Need To Be a Nice Person. You Do Not Need To Have any Technical Skills!  We Expect To Generate Monthly Billions in Sales and Share Profits With Our Founders.

Anyone Can Afford Being a Founder ($97 + $5 Admin Fee) Because We Want To Help as Many People as Possible Change Their Lives for The Better Then “Pay It Forward!”

One Goal Is To Redistribute Wealth To Those In Need BECAUSE We Do Not Have To Be The Next Richest Person on The Planet!

It Is Our Hope We Help Millions of People Throughout The World and Start a Change Where Other Inventors Do The Same!  Really Does Someone Need Millions, Billions To Live?  We Don’t and This Is Our Way of Making The World a Better Place To Live!

Sign Up and Become a Founder Click Link:


Contact: Gary 914-806-5853

Check Out Some of Our Products and Services (We Will Keep Adding New Products & Services Over The Course of Time):

O-Staff – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-staff/

O-Counting – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-counting/

O-Wallet – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-wallet/

O-Capture – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-capture/

O-Bless – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-bless/

O-Mail – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-mail/

O-Trim – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-trim/

O-Net – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-net/

O-Create – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-create/

O-Shop – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-shop/

O-Connect – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-connect/

O-Post – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-post/

O-Tracker – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-tracker/

O-Chat – https://www.onpassive.com/products/o-chat/

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