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New York Contractors – Are You Working with The Right Insurance Agency?  What You Need To Know. 

In the bustling world of New York contractors, insurance plays a vital role in ensuring protection against unforeseen risks and liabilities. Over the years, the insurance landscape has evolved, with many agencies catering to the unique needs of these contractors. However, a concerning trend has emerged – some of the largest insurance agencies that serve New York contractors have grown so big that they struggle to provide efficient service, leaving contractors exposed to potential risks.

**The Downside of Size: Neglecting the Contractor’s Needs**

As these insurance agencies expanded, their focus shifted towards growth and profits, often at the expense of personalized service. This shift has led to a lack of attention to the specific needs of New York contractors. With their extensive client bases, these agencies find it increasingly challenging to effectively manage and address individual concerns.

**High Turnover and Inexperienced Employees**

One of the most glaring issues within these massive insurance agencies is the high turnover rate among their employees. The rapid growth of these agencies has led to a constant influx of new staff, many of whom lack the necessary experience to provide comprehensive assistance. Consequently, contractors seeking guidance and understanding of complex insurance policies are left feeling frustrated and underserved.

**Lack of Expertise in Policy Coverage**

A significant concern arising from this situation is the lack of expertise among these agencies’ personnel regarding policy coverage, exclusions, restrictions, and warranties. New York contractor liability policies are intricate and nuanced, demanding a deep understanding of the construction industry’s intricacies. Unfortunately, many employees at these agencies seem unaware of the policy details they are offering, potentially leaving contractors exposed to risks they believe are covered.

**Factory-Like Approach: Quantity Over Quality**

The factory-like approach adopted by some of these agencies has further exacerbated the problem. With customer service personnel handling well over 120 accounts each, the quality of service inevitably suffers. Contractors find themselves lost in the shuffle, struggling to receive the individualized attention and guidance they need to make informed insurance decisions.

**Unreasonable Policy and Service Fees**

To add insult to injury, many of these agencies have started tacking on additional policy and service fees. Ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per policy, these fees raise eyebrows and question the agencies’ priorities. It’s evident that such fees reflect a focus on generating revenue rather than genuinely prioritizing the contractors’ best interests.

**The Alternative: BGES Group’s Tailored Approach**

Amidst this disheartening trend, BGES Group emerges as a beacon of hope for New York contractors seeking exceptional insurance service. In stark contrast to the factory-like approach, BGES Group maintains a personalized touch that larger agencies have lost.

**Unparalleled Experience and Dedication**

BGES Group’s standout feature is its team, with one individual boasting an impressive 42 years of experience. This extensive knowledge directly benefits contractors, as it ensures they receive expert guidance tailored to their unique situations. With a manageable workload of 50 or fewer accounts, the focus remains squarely on quality over quantity.

**No Extra Fees: A Refreshing Change**

Unlike the practices of larger agencies, BGES Group prides itself on not charging extra policy fees or additional costs for customer service. This commitment reflects their genuine dedication to helping contractors secure appropriate coverage without hidden fees eating into their budgets.

**The Ultimate Choice for New York Contractors**

BGES Group represents a refreshing departure from the norm – a small, family-like establishment that leverages its extensive experience and network of 50 companies to cater to New York contractors. The agency’s personalized approach ensures that every contractor’s needs are understood and met with precision, minimizing potential gaps in coverage.

In a market rife with oversized agencies that have lost sight of their clients’ interests, BGES Group stands tall as a testament to the value of personalized service and industry expertise. For New York contractors seeking comprehensive coverage without compromising on individualized attention, BGES Group is an insurance partner that remains unrivaled.

In conclusion, the landscape of insurance for New York contractors has seen a shift towards massive agencies that struggle to provide adequate service due to their size. High employee turnover, lack of expertise, excessive fees, and a factory-like approach have left contractors seeking better alternatives. BGES Group’s commitment to personalized service, extensive experience, and fee transparency sets a new standard for insurance agencies. As a small, dedicated team, BGES Group truly understands the intricacies of New York contractor insurance, making them the ideal partner for any contractor’s insurance needs.

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BGES Group, located in Larchmont, N.Y. are New York Construction Insurance Specialists that represent 50+ companies and all the BEST general & umbrella liability programs!  We offer every coverage you need including property, builders risk, inland marine, general liability, umbrella liability, auto, bid & performance bonds, workers’ compensation, N.Y.S. disability and group health.  We are extremely responsive, responsible, trustworthy, fast, minimize your insurance headaches, we don’t charge ridiculous policy or service fees and when you call, text or email, whatever time of day, even weekends, we are ARE THERE to help YOU! 

BGES Group are Workers’ Compensation Insurance Specialists for Tri-State Business Owners: Unhappy with your rates, company, being cancelled, losses causing difficulty getting coverage, in the middle of an audit dispute, payrolls misclassified, whatever your issue, we can help!  We have special programs for: Auto Service, Contractors (especially New York), Limousine Services, Logistic Companies, Manufacturers, Recyclers, Truckers, we can help ANY tri-state business owner.  We are considered “Preferred Agents” for this one program that if we can get you in, their pricing is excellent, offers long-term coverage stability and can cover multi-state operations. Program takes the hassle out of doing annual audits too.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

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