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Simplify Your Business Benefits with BGES Group’s Comprehensive Program Which Includes Payroll, Workers’ Compensation and Group Health – Save By Doing So Too!

In the realm of business management, every step towards efficiency and cost-effectiveness counts. BGES Group, a pioneer in providing innovative business solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking program designed to streamline and optimize your company’s health plans, workers’ compensation, and payroll management. This master program combines a diverse selection of 11 group health plans (that has a massive number of providers) unparalleled savings on workers’ compensation, and a user-friendly payroll system. Let’s delve into the details of how this program can revolutionize your business operations and save you substantial time and money.

**The Power of Choice: Tailored Group Health Plans**

One of the standout features of BGES Group’s program is its diverse offering of 11 group health plans. From low to high deductibles, HMO to PPO, these plans are designed to cater to various needs and preferences. This flexibility empowers businesses to select the plan that aligns perfectly with their workforce and budget. The variety of choices ensures that you don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach, allowing your employees to access healthcare that suits their unique requirements.

**Substantial Savings with Group Health Plans**

BGES Group’s group health plans aren’t just about options; they’re also about big savings. By leveraging the strength of a collective pool, businesses can tap into cost advantages that wouldn’t be possible through individual plans. The sheer volume of participants in the group health plans leads to reduced premiums, making quality healthcare accessible without straining your financial resources.

**National Network, Local Care: Extensive Healthcare Coverage**

The program’s group health plans come with a national network that features a vast array of local doctors and medical professionals. This expansive network ensures that your employees have access to top-tier medical facilities and services, no matter where they are located. This means peace of mind for both you and your employees, knowing that healthcare is easily accessible when needed.

**Seamless Claims Processing and Support**

Navigating insurance claims can often be a complex and time-consuming process. BGES Group has taken care of this by setting up a dedicated human resources department that specializes in assisting with claims. Their experts are skilled in ensuring swift and hassle-free claims processing, allowing you to focus on running your business while your employees receive the benefits they deserve.

**Revolutionizing Workers’ Compensation**

In addition to revolutionizing health plans, BGES Group’s program brings remarkable changes to workers compensation insurance. The program’s workers’ compensation offering is tailored to save businesses money while providing comprehensive coverage. Even if your accounts have a history of poor loss experiences, this program can cover them. Gone are the days of invasive audits; the pay-as-you-go structure eliminates unnecessary complexities and ensures that your business only pays for what it uses.

**Tailored Coverage Across Industries**

BGES Group’s program extends its benefits beyond traditional business boundaries. Whether you’re in the realm of contracting, limousine services, moving and storage, or trucking, the program has you covered. Its adaptability across various industries underscores its commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet specific industry needs.

**Reach Out for More Information**

Are you ready to take your business’s benefits and management to the next level? For more information and to explore how BGES Group’s program can transform your operations, get in touch with Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or email The team is eager to guide you through the process and help you unlock a more streamlined and cost-effective approach to business management.

In conclusion, BGES Group’s innovative program offers a holistic approach to business benefits, combining a diverse range of group health plans, game-changing workers’ compensation, and an intuitive payroll system. The focus on choice, savings, and tailored coverage across industries sets this program apart. By simplifying complexities and reducing costs, BGES Group empowers businesses to thrive in their respective fields while ensuring the well-being of their employees.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

BGES Group, located in Larchmont, N.Y. are New York Construction Insurance Specialists that represent 50+ companies and all the BEST general & umbrella liability programs!  We offer every coverage you need including property, builders risk, inland marine, general liability, umbrella liability, auto, bid & performance bonds, workers’ compensation, N.Y.S. disability and group health.  We are extremely responsive, responsible, trustworthy, fast, minimize your insurance headaches, we don’t charge ridiculous policy or service fees and when you call, text or email, whatever time of day, even weekends, we are ARE THERE to help YOU! 

BGES Group are Workers’ Compensation Insurance Specialists for Tri-State Business Owners: Unhappy with your rates, company, being cancelled, losses causing difficulty getting coverage, in the middle of an audit dispute, payrolls misclassified, whatever your issue, we can help!  We have special programs for: Auto Service, Contractors (especially New York), Limousine Services, Logistic Companies, Manufacturers, Recyclers, Truckers, we can help ANY tri-state business owner.  We are considered “Preferred Agents” for this one program that if we can get you in, their pricing is excellent, offers long-term coverage stability and can cover multi-state operations. Program takes the hassle out of doing annual audits too.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

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