Corporate Liability Shield

Reduce Your Customer’s Essential Service Bills By Up To 40% and Get Paid Up To 10% Every Time They Pay Their Bill!

Corporate Liability Shield

Our company partnered with several very large, Fortune 500, well know providers!  You have hundreds of commercial and residential customers you’ve done work for over the years.  Imagine signing them up, takes just a few minutes, then getting paid every single month they pay their bill. You could receive a monthly residual income for DECADES!

Here’s an example.  In New York City, people use one particular company for their gas and electric.  Now one of your commercial customer’s pay $25,000 a month for their gas and electric (think big).  You show them savings of $1,250 a month or $15,000 a year.  They agree to use your program.  In less than 5 minutes they sign up.  Their billing company stays the same.  You get paid up to 10% every month they pay their bill.  Would you agree this is one bill they must pay?  As long as their in business!  Could be decades!  Which means you could get paid for decades!

Think about it!  Gas and electric, cell phone, these are bills people will be paying their entire life!  Through our program YOU can be one of the people who makes money off of them!  For a very long time! 

This is an untapped source of income for you!  Turn it into a recession proof, money making machine!  We WILL show you!

Here is a list of essential services offered:

Essential Services:


  1. Home phone
  2. Gas and electric
  3. High speed internet
  4. Satellite TV
  5. Security & automation
  6. Wireless – Cell phone
  7. Identity theft


  1. Gas and Electric
  2. Payment Processing
  3. Security & Automation
  4. Satellite TV
  5. Wireless – Cell phone

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