OSHA Raises Penalties for 2024

Fed-OSHA penalties for several workplace safety violations by employers have increased for 2024.

The penalties for OSHA violations rise annually to account for inflation under the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. Penalties for most violations increased 3% on Jan. 16 from their 2023 levels.

Here’s a rundown of the new penalties:

  • General and regulatory violations, including posting and recordkeeping violations: maximum penalty is $16,131, up from $15,625 in 2023.
  • The minimum penalty for a willful violation: $11,524, up from $11,162.
  • The maximum penalties for willful and repeat violations: $161,323, from $156,259.
  • The maximum penalty for serious violations, including tower cranes and carcinogen use: $25,000, unchanged from 2023.
  • The maximum penalty for both a serious and other-than-serious violation: $16,131, up from $15,625.
  • The maximum daily penalty for a failure to abate: $16,131, up from $15,625.
  • The maximum penalty for a serious repeat violation: $161,323, up from $156,259.

The takeaway

As the maximum penalties for OSHA violations grow every year, and as a responsible employer, you should focus on keeping a safe workplace that is targeted at reducing the risk of injuries to your staff.

It not only helps avoid injuries, but also keeps a lid on your workers’ compensation costs and reduces the chances of receiving citations from OSHA.

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