Save Money on Workers Comp

How Worker’s Compensation Insurance Companies Overcharge You and How One of New York’s Leading Construction Specialists Can Save You Thousands, Tens of Thousands of Dollars!

Save Money on Workers Comp

DANGER!  Working With These Companies Can Be Hazardous To Your Wealth!

Some Questions:

1. Who is watching my rates?  Do you think an insurance company wants to lower or raise your rates after the first year of being with them?

2. Am I getting all the credits I’m entitled to?  If you’re dealing directly with an insurance company, we doubt it.  It’s our opinion they lure you in the first year with price then each year raise them.  We have never seen an insurance company, on renewal call up a policy holder to discuss all the credits they are entitled to.

3. Do I have the right coverage?  In a state or assigned risk plan?  You may not.  If you have employees who work out of state you may have a financially crippling uncovered exposure.

4. Am I being charged correctly at audit time?  We know plenty of companies whose auditors are in and out.  They give the policyholder no information about payroll or classification rules. They have their marching orders and we’ve seen many business owners pay thousands, tens of thousands more at audit.

5. Who is servicing my account?  When you call is the person you speak to a customer service representative (CSR) or experienced professional?  Let’s face it.  Most CSR’s are nice, pleasant but robot, paper pushers. They have such a volume of work they don’t have time to think let alone give your account the attention it deserves. They have a low level of insurance knowledge and most appear to be part timers or licensed insurance brokers with years of experience.

6. In a program where a “Program Manager” charges you a 10% service fee?   Did you know the reason you have to pay them is not based on servicing but based on “They Control the Program and You aren’t Getting in Unless You Pay Their Membership Fee.”  One Program Manager wanted to charge our client $40,000, another client $30,000.  Ridiculous!  What have they done for you lately?  Do they ever call you?  Come see you?  Are they there for you when a problem arises (i.e. audit dispute)?

7. Is my payroll company transparent?  Are you aware of all their fees?  Is your company’s compliance department making it tough to do business?  Are the people servicing your account knowledgeable, do they ask you questions about your operations so you are covered properly?  We find it hard to believe that payroll companies with hundreds, thousands of accounts can service them properly.

8. Does your insurance agency service hundreds of accounts?  If so how in the world can they service anyone’s account properly?  Usually their CSR’s have so much work they are paper pushers, robots.  They process your policy (and make plenty of mistakes doing so), make no recommendations, do not understand the technicalities of most policies, do not remarket your account, you’ll never hear from them unless you call and charge policy and service fees that are arbitrarily made up.  Agencies have become factory like.  Increasing costs have caused them to cut staff and require inexperienced CSR’s to service way too many accounts.

What We Can Offer You:

1. Having your account taken care of by our principal who is a Worker’s Compensation Specialist (one of his areas of specialty) and has 38 years experience.  When you call he will answer.  When you need anything it will be taken care of immediately.  This person knows the rules and regulations of the workers compensation system and will save you every dollar you are entitled to and make sure you are covered properly.

2. The ability to have your policy quoted by up to 15 companies.

3. You’ll ALWAYS receive “Very Important Person (VIP)” service.  We operate like our father and grandfather did.  Very personnel,  make office visits, frugal with your money, sincerely and genuinely care about you as a client. You will not be billed for ridiculous policy fees, service fees.

4. In a nutshell if you are sick of working with financial institutions that are greedy, whose service is poor, whose personnel have limited knowledge, are overworked and are robot, paper pushers and rather deal with a “Firm Principal” who has 38 years experience, a street fighter, frugal with your money, genuinely caring, who gets the job done?

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