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Contractors – Is Your Insurance Agency Getting You The Best Coverage and Pricing? If You Think They Are Not Working for You, We WILL! We are One of Tri-State’s Leading Construction Insurance Specialists and Have The Companies and Leverage to Get You Better, Sometime Much Better!

Issues To Consider:

  1. If you are a higher risk contractor there’s a good chance you have your general and umbrella liability policies thru a Surplus Lines carrier.  With these type carriers, their rates are very high and their policies have lots of restrictions and exclusions.   Many N.Y.C. contractors are with these companies.  Please note there are some agencies because of their expertise, relationships and volume, able to get high risk contractors insured with main street carriers.  What that means is better pricing and coverage without non standard exclusions and restrictions.  We happen to be THAT AGENCY!  For example, we just reduced a Queen’s contractors general and umbrella liability premiums from $370,000 to $177,000.  That’s a $193,000 savings!  Does your agency specialize at insuring contractors?  Do they have main street programs to try to get you into?  Do they market your account annually to try to get you better pricing and coverage?  Every year our marketing department analyses client’s accounts and if there’s better programs available we market their account to them.  We represent 50+ carriers!                                                                                
  2. Is your agency helping you screen subcontractors insurance? Most liability policies have tough insurance requirements when it comes to sub insurance.  If your subs have the wrong insurance and there’s a claim you can be without protection.  Want relief from this nightmare?  Our office has a dedicated department that screens client’s subs insurance.                                                                                     
  3. Is your agency helping with implementing proper risk transfer mechanisms?  Are you using a good “Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement?” Do you obtain updated certificates?  Who screens subs insurance to make sure it covers your properly?   Most contractors DO NOT have a proper risk transfer in place.  They DO NOT have signed insurance and hold harmless agreements on file and their subs insurance is inferior.  Want help?  Come to us for that’s one of the things we can do for YOU!                                                                                                                               
  4. Does your insurance agency specialize at Bid & Performance Bonding?  If they are not a construction insurance specialist agency, probably not.  We are and one of tri-state’s leading bonding agencies too.  We have relationships with bonding companies that can get the job done when others can’t.  We have combined experience of over 80 years.  Try us we can make life easier for you.                                                                                  
  5. Does your insurance agency have 20+ Worker’s Compensation plans to get you coverage with? – Looking for lower rates, better coverage, better service, simplified or no audits (depends on state)? How about a pay as you go plan? THE RIGHT coverage while operating out of state, no renewal deposits, no 10% service fee charges, the ability to issue your own certificates on line?                                                                                                                                                     

Please note if you are in a state plan and operate out of state you could have a coverage problem.  For example, your office is in state A and you get a job in state B for 3 months.  If an employee gets injured and files claim in state B most likely you will be denied coverage.  We have a great solution!

Issues we address:

              1) Lowering rates

              2) Finding a new company

              3) Being cancelled or non-renewed

              4) Audit disputes

              5) Company creating fictitious payroll at audit time

              6) Lowering high experience modifications factors

              7) Misclassification of payrolls

              8) Lowering or eliminating renewal deposits

              9) Getting coverage when you’ve been without for a few months

           10) Covering multiple states under one policy 914-806-5853 for help!

           11) Eliminating 10% service or policy fees

           12) Timely issuance of certificates

           13) Being able to get someone on the phone when you need to. 

  1. Does your insurance agency offer Group Health insurance? – We work with one of New York’s best group health insurance experts.  Unhappy with your rates?  Coverage design?  Service?  Need to deal with someone who has answers to your questions?  We have THE RIGHT person for you! Call for help today!                               
  2. Has your insurance agency recommended Identity Theft Protection? – Over the past year millions of people had their identities stolen.  Our children, who could even fathom this.  These thieves steal their identities and years later when they go apply for a credit card or rent an apartment they find out there is hundreds of thousands in debt in their name. This has become such a huge problem we now offer Identity Theft protection.  Under our plan you can protect yourself, spouse and all your children.  Anyone can purchase protection though including your employees!  Click here to learn more or get started.
  1. Turn Every Homeowner, Business Owner and Building Owner Into a Monthly Residual Income Stream!  This Can Be Such a Money Maker for YOU! – Hundreds of contractors across America are involved in this business.  We recently met Juan a GC from NYC and Dominick another GC from Rockland County, both doing this, both making 4 to 5 figure incomes a month!  Call Gary at 914-806-5853 to learn more. 

BGES Group’s office, located in Larchmont, NY is a full service insurance agency offering, Property, Liability, Umbrella Liability, Business Auto, Bid & Performance Bonds, Inland Marine, Worker’s Compensation, New York State Disability, Group Health, Life insurance, Personal lines and Identity Theft.                                                                                  

BGES Group are Worker’s Compensation Specialists for the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – Issues we address: 1) Lowering pricing – we have specialty programs that can save you up to 40%; 2) Finding a new company; 3) Being cancelled or non renewed; 4) Audit disputes; 5) Company creating fictitious payroll at audit time; 6) Lowering high experience modifications factors; 7) Misclassification of payrolls; 8) Lowering or eliminating renewal deposits;   9) Getting coverage when you’ve been without for a few months; 10) Covering multiple states under one policy; 11) Eliminating 10% service or policy fees; 12) Timely issuance of certificates; 13) Always being able to get someone on the phone or by email when you need to.

Special Contractor Insurance Programs (NY, NJ, CT) – We we have 50 insurance companies to market your general liability, umbrella liability, business auto, workers compensation, bid & performance bonds and group health coverages.  We help contractors set up proper risk transfer mechanisms.  If you’re a contractor we offer extensive information about insurance markets, coverages, risk transfer mechanisms, subcontractor screening, ways to lower your insurance costs that lower them.                              

New Jersey and Connecticut Contractors:  We have a competitively priced (savings up to 50%)  General Liability, Umbrella Liability, Business Auto, Workers Compensation program.  Want to lower these costs?  Get a quote today!                                                              

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

Company: BGES Group, 216A Larchmont Acres West, Larchmont, NY 10538



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