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BGES Group: Your Go-To Source for Top Workers’ Compensation Insurance Programs in the Tri-State Area

When it comes to securing reliable and affordable Workers’ Compensation Insurance Programs in the Tri-State area, one name stands out above the rest – BGES Group. With a track record of excellence, BGES Group has earned its reputation as the go-to choice for businesses in various industries, including Auto Services, Contractors (especially in New York), Limousine Services, Moving & Storage Agents, and Local and Long Haul Truckers.

Lets explore why BGES Group is the best choice for your Workers’ Compensation insurance needs, as well as some success stories that highlight their exceptional service.

### Comprehensive Coverage at Great Rates

One of the key reasons why BGES Group is a preferred choice for Tri-State employers is their commitment to providing comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. They understand that every business is unique and faces its own set of risks and challenges. BGES Group has tailored insurance programs for specific industries, ensuring that you get coverage that meets your business’s needs while keeping costs manageable.

#### Industries Served:

1. **Auto Services**: From auto repair shops to car dealerships, BGES Group offers specialized Workers’ Compensation insurance programs to protect businesses in the auto service industry.

2. **Contractors (especially New York)**: Contractors face unique risks, especially in the dynamic New York construction market. BGES Group’s expertise in this area ensures that contractors have the coverage they need to safeguard their workers and operations.

3. **Limousine Services**: The limousine industry relies heavily on its drivers and vehicles. BGES Group understands the importance of protecting both employees and assets, offering tailored insurance programs for limousine service providers.

4. **Moving & Storage Agents**: Businesses in the moving and storage industry require specialized coverage due to the nature of their operations. BGES Group provides insurance solutions that address the specific risks associated with this field.

5. **Local and Long Haul Truckers**: Trucking companies, whether local or long haul, depend on the safety of their drivers and cargo. BGES Group’s insurance programs are designed to support trucking businesses in managing risks effectively.

### Problems BGES Group Can Solve

BGES Group is not just about great rates and coverage; they are also dedicated to solving the common challenges that businesses face in securing Workers’ Compensation insurance. Here are some of the problems they can help you address:

1. **Lower rates**: BGES Group’s expertise allows them to negotiate lower insurance rates for your business, potentially saving you significant costs.

2. **Being non-renewed**: If your current insurer is non-renewing your policy, BGES Group can find alternative solutions to keep your coverage intact.

3. **Audit Disputes**: BGES Group can help you avoid invasive audits and disputes related to payroll records, making the renewal process smoother and less stressful.

4. **Lapse in coverage**: They ensure that your coverage remains uninterrupted, preventing lapses that could leave your business vulnerable.

5. **Poor loss experience**: If you’ve had a history of high claims, BGES Group can assist in obtaining affordable coverage, even when traditional carriers may be hesitant.

6. **Payroll misclassification**: BGES Group ensures that your payrolls are correctly classified, preventing potential issues with your insurance company.

7. **Out-of-state coverage**: They can help expand your coverage to out-of-state operations, ensuring your business is protected wherever it operates.

8. **Large deposit requirements**: BGES Group can work to minimize or eliminate the need for large annual deposits, easing your financial burden.

9. **Exorbitant fees**: If your current broker charges high policy or service fees, BGES Group offers cost-effective alternatives.

10. **Timely certificates of insurance**: BGES Group prioritizes timely delivery of certificates of insurance, helping you meet client and regulatory requirements.

11. **Accessible support**: Their team is readily available when you need them, ensuring you have the support and guidance necessary to navigate the complex world of Workers’ Compensation insurance.

### Success Stories to Share

  • Helped a Long Island contractor who was having audit issues with his company get new coverage using proper codes and payroll.  Note his premium ended up being almost half what his incumbent carrier wanted him to pay.                                     
  • Helped another contractor get out of an audit problem obtained coverage with a great carrier and saved him a lot of headaches.                                                                    
  • Helped an interior demolition company who was being non renewed by his company due to a run of bad luck (in our opinion some of the losses were fraudulent) get new coverage for rates that were less than he was previously paying.                                                                                                                                                   
  • Helped a Brooklyn contractor who was being non renewed by his carrier due to a run of bad luck (in our opinion some of the losses were fraudulent) get new coverage for rates that were lower than he was previously paying.                                               
  • Helped a limousine service who cannot get workers’ compensation coverage for months get coverage.

### Contact BGES Group Today

For Tri-State employers seeking the best Workers’ Compensation insurance programs, BGES Group is the answer. Contact Gary Wallach by calling 914-806-5853 or emailing anytime for expert guidance and solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs. With BGES Group, you’ll not only find great rates and coverage but also a dedicated partner committed to your success and peace of mind.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

BGES Group, located in Larchmont, N.Y. are New York Construction Insurance Specialists that represent 50+ companies and all the BEST general & umbrella liability programs!  We offer every coverage you need including property, builders risk, inland marine, general liability, umbrella liability, auto, bid & performance bonds, workers’ compensation, N.Y.S. disability and group health.  We are extremely responsive, responsible, trustworthy, fast, minimize your insurance headaches, we don’t charge ridiculous policy or service fees and when you call, text or email, whatever time of day, even weekends, we are ARE THERE to help YOU! 

BGES Group are Workers’ Compensation Insurance Specialists for Tri-State Business Owners: Unhappy with your rates, company, being cancelled, losses causing difficulty getting coverage, in the middle of an audit dispute, payrolls misclassified, whatever your issue, we can help!  We have special programs for: Auto Service, Contractors (especially New York), Limousine Services, Logistic Companies, Manufacturers, Recyclers, Truckers, we can help ANY tri-state business owner.  We are considered “Preferred Agents” for this one program that if we can get you in, their pricing is excellent, offers long-term coverage stability and can cover multi-state operations. Program takes the hassle out of doing annual audits too.

If you would like to speak with us call Gary Wallach at 914-806-5853 or click here to email or click here to visit our website.

Company: BGES Group, 216A Larchmont Acres West, Larchmont, NY 10538



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