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BGES Group Partners with Accountants to Expand Workers Compensation Insurance Offerings

BGES Group, one of the leading workers compensation specialists in the tri-state area, is set to revolutionize the insurance industry by partnering with accountants to offer their clients comprehensive workers compensation insurance. By extending their services to a wider audience, BGES Group aims to provide specialized coverage and support to businesses in need, while also creating a secondary source of ongoing residual income for their partnering accountants.

Workers Compensation Insurance: Protecting Businesses and Employees

Workers compensation insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding businesses and their employees from the financial burden of workplace injuries and illnesses. It ensures that workers receive proper medical care and compensation for lost wages, while providing employers with protection against potential lawsuits. Recognizing the importance of this coverage, BGES Group has positioned itself as a trusted provider, offering tailored workers compensation insurance solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Workers Compensation Premium Recovery: Optimizing Business Finances

In addition to providing workers compensation insurance, BGES Group also specializes in workers compensation premium recovery. Many businesses are often overcharged for their workers compensation premiums due to various factors such as incorrect classifications, inaccurate claims history, or outdated payroll information. BGES Group utilizes their expertise to analyze and audit insurance policies, identify errors, and assist businesses in recovering overpaid premiums. This unique service not only benefits businesses by optimizing their financial resources but also adds value to the accountant-client relationship.

Creating a Secondary Source of Ongoing Residual Income

By partnering with accountants, BGES Group offers a remarkable opportunity to create a secondary source of ongoing residual income. Accountants possess valuable insights into their clients’ financial situations and are trusted advisors in matters of business management. By incorporating workers compensation insurance into their service offerings, accountants can now extend their expertise to help clients navigate the complex insurance landscape. Through this partnership, accountants can earn referral fees or commissions on policies sold and renewals, while also strengthening their role as a comprehensive financial resource for their clients.

BGES Group: The Tri-State’s Leading Workers Compensation Specialists

BGES Group has earned a stellar reputation as one of the tri-state area’s foremost experts in workers compensation insurance. With a diverse range of programs covering various industries, BGES Group can cater to the unique needs of different businesses. Whether a client is facing cancellation, non-renewal, or has a poor loss experience, BGES Group’s experienced team can step in to provide personalized solutions and support. Their deep understanding of the insurance market and access to multiple carriers allows them to secure the best coverage options for clients, even in challenging circumstances.

A Collaborative Approach for Optimal Results

The partnership between BGES Group and accountants is built on the principles of collaboration and mutual benefit. Accountants, armed with their clients’ financial information and risk profiles, can provide valuable insights to BGES Group, enabling them to develop tailored insurance solutions that align with each client’s unique requirements. On the other hand, BGES Group’s specialized knowledge in workers compensation insurance equips accountants with a powerful tool to enhance their services and address the evolving needs of their clients.


BGES Group’s strategic partnership with accountants marks an exciting development in the world of workers compensation insurance. By extending their expertise to a broader audience, BGES Group aims to protect businesses, optimize their finances through premium recovery, and establish a reliable source of ongoing residual income for partnering accountants. With their commitment to excellence and a wide range of specialized programs, BGES Group has solidified its position as a trusted workers compensation insurance provider in the tri-state area. Whether a client is in need of coverage, premium recovery, or expert advice, BGES Group is ready to assist, ensuring that businesses and their employees receive the protection they deserve.

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